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Italfrutta factories

Camerlona - Ravenna

Established in 1973 near Ravenna, Italfrutta produces fruit in syrup and bottling tomato sauce at its modern plant in the heart of the Romagna region.

The processed fruit is healthy, selected, ripe at the right point and processed with care to keep its flavor and texture intact.

The bottling plant allows the tomato puree produced in the Fiesso Umbertiano plant to be packaged, obtained from Italian tomatoes coming from traditional and organic cultivation.

Fiesso Umbertiano - Rovigo

The original factory was create in 1985 in Polesine country, near Rovigo. It has been acquired from Italfrutta on September 2003 for tomato and fruit puree transformation.

The company produces semi-finished fruit products (apricots, apples, pears, peaches, prunes and kiwi) such as purees and concentrated purees at different brix grades and tomato products such as purees, pulps, cubes, semiconcentrates and concentrates..

The company obtains therefore semifinished products of quality for different markets like tomato sauces, ketckup, juices and baby food for the great European and ExtraEuropean distribution.